Fall 2012 - Spring 2013 — Project Description

A healthy relationship between the older and younger generations has positive effects on both groups, and can also make modern society more cohesive. Globalization has caused a cultural shift that has disposed of the tradition of caring for the old and the young, making societies less collectivistic, more individualistic.

It is necessary to combat the isolation both groups face, so that these crucial members of society are not left out. A shared space between older and younger generations allows for a merging of different perspectives, and generates cultural enrichment. Junior citizens will regain respect for the senior citizens, because the knowledge they gain will help them value and appreciate their own lives. Simultaneously, the space can let senior citizens feel as if they are still in control, are functional, and are respected. Human development cannot rely on economic growth alone; without a high quality of life, cultural development will not take place.

*Please note that the Asser Levy Recreation Center was the space that inspired and led to the success of this project. The building is located in New York City, on 23rd Street and FDR Drive.